My name is Anna and I’m a dedicated fashion designer deeply in love with creating exquisite wedding and evening dresses.

Since my childhood, I fell in love with fashion design, influenced by my mother, a talented dressmaker. Watching how she turned meters of fabric into beautiful dresses always fascinated me. The most inspiring thing was seeing how she not only transformed the fabric but also the confidence of the woman who should wear the dress. 

My inspiration:

After getting engaged, I began to feel the frustration of not finding my perfect dress for my wedding and that was a spark that ignited my passion.

I decided to design dresses that not only fit the figure well, but also have the details of every bride dreams on  her most sprecial day with elements as unique as they are.



I will work with you closely to create a unique and personalized wedding dress. Allowing you to have an exclusive gown that is a true reflection of your personality and style.


Matching flower girl dresses allows for complementary design elements with the brides gown or bridesmaids dresses, creating memorable photo opportunities and contribuing a sense of unity and celebration.


Alterations average 2-4  fitting to ensure the desired fit. This can be encompass hemming taking in/letting out, adjusting straps, adding sleeves or tops.


Our world is facing environmental challenges and my commitment to sustainability has become a cornstone of my daily life. Recognizing the urgent need for change, I’ve embarked on a personal journey to minimize my ecological footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.



Those fabrics refer to materials that were produced for a specific purpose but were never used and are now surplus or unwanted. These fabrics are typically created by clothing and textile manufacturers who overestimated their production needs, out of season collections, or face canceled orders. As a result, deadstock fabrics end up sitting in warehouses, taking up space and potentially going to waste.


These fabrics are derived from plant or animal sources and aren’t synthetically produced. Examples include cotton, linen, silk, hemp, and wool. They are renowned for being environmentally friendly as they decompose naturally and don’t pollute the environment during their production or after disposal. Natural fabrics serve as a sustainable choice in fashion due to their biodegradable properties, minimizing the use of chemicals, support for eco-friendly framing methods, and durability.


Thrifted fabrics refer to second-hand textiles that are sourced from thrift stores, vintage shops, or individuals looking to sell pre-loved garments. Thrifted and remnant fabrics can offer unique and distinctive textures, patterns, and colors that aren’t typically found in mass-produced clothing.
Choosing any of those options also minimizes the environmental impact associated with fabric dyeing, chemical treatments, and waste generation caused by fast fashion.


Cardboard boxes

Cardboard is advantageous for environmental purposes because it is biodegradable and recyclable, reducing the burden on landfills. Additionally, cardboard production often involves renewable resources, contributing to sustainability.

Tissue Paper

Made it from post consumer and post-industrial content, which makes it both recyclable and biodegradable.

Holding Tags/Cards

Made The holding tags and other as “Thank you” or “Care Instructions” sent with each orden are made with 100% post consumer paper.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

All the orders are shipped through “Sendle” a platform that neutralizes the emissions of each package sent within USA


Do you have dresses in stock?

My goal is to create garments with the intention of reducing waste, I don’t keep dresses in stock. Every dress is produced on demand, an opposite way to the industrial process.

How long does the process take from initial consultation to final delivery?

The entire process can take from three to six months.

Can I bring ideas or inspirations for the design of my dress?

Yes, please! I ask for a maximum of four images that inspire you to start designing your dream dress.

Do you offer matching or custom accessories?

No, I don’t offer accessories, and I am not affiliated with other accessories sellers, but I can gladly advise you on which accessories can suit your dress.

What happens if my preferences change during the design process?

Comunication is key. That’s why I ask brides to be very honest about their concerns from the first appointment, since as the tailoring process progresses, it becomes more difficult to make changes, which can result in extra costs that were not expected considered within the initial budget.

What is included in the total cost of the custom dress?

Includes: Consultation, custom design, measurements and fittings, materials, labor and craftsmanship, gown bag, and sometimes shipping/travel expenses.



Anna’s work is stunning! She made my Taylor Swift dress and I’m obsessed! She made me feel comfortable. I trusted her right away because of how professional she was with me. If you’re considering her for your wedding dress, I highly recommend her, she knows what she’s doing!

Lizette Mendoza


Great services !!! I had an idea for a Halloween costume and she was able to bring it to life in a very unique way! I have a hard time finding dresses and skirts that properly fit on top and my lower body. The sizing was personalized and so precise that I was able to rock a dress that hugged my curves very nicely! I was very pleased with the services and would most definitely recommend! If you’re looking for a unique piece that fits your body!

Ana Jael


There’s nothing better than a unique garment that fits your body and your taste and that is exactly what Anna offers. She has a fantastic sense of mods and always provides the trendiest options. The best thing is that she ship nationwide and their kindness makes the experience unique.

Ivonne Montes


Only!!! Completely unique and in love with her talent, her passion and her love for projecting onto fabric what was on my mind! She made my dream dress come true for the most important day of my life! My wedding. Thank you so much for making that day completely special! I love him so much! It’s completely perfect!!!

Anita Sosa

My goal is more than creating dresses... I wish that each client becomes a friend, sister or daughter. Each dress I make carries with it a fragment of the love that I invest in every detail, with the sole purpose of guaranteeing her happiness and comfort in that special moment.

Anna Martz

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